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About us

About us

Silaydhara offers a wide range of up-cycled products from fabric waste of textile factories.

Silaydhara - the name

Silaydhara is an amalgamation of 3 Hindi words. ‘Sil’ describes the Stitching’, ‘Lay’ describes the Musical rhythm and ‘dhara’ describes the Flow. We continue to celebrate simplicity and additionally, we are in pursuit of tapping into the rhythm of crafting soulful products as well as the rhythm of crafting joyful lives of women-folk who put life into these utility crafts.

Distinctive features of our creations:

We offer our thoughtful buyers a wide range of bags, pouches, wallets, utility products and accessories up-cycled from the fabric waste of textile factories. These bags are designed and stitched in collaboration with women-folk of Nayakheda Gaon, a small village outskirts of Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Fashion with purpose

Fashion with a purpose

All our creations are Upcycled, and the end cuts of fabrics are repurposed to better looking, better utility products thereby reducing the usage of virgin raw materials and thus reducing our impact on Earth.
Utlitiy First

Utility first

Be it shopping, be it a safeguard sleeve for your laptop, we at Silaydhara are determined to serve the utility in need.
Block prints of Rajasthan

Block prints & Patterns of Rajasthan

One of the taglines for Rajasthan Tourism has been ‘Jaane kya dikh jaaye’ which means ‘We don’t know what we may see’. And same goes for our designs. Our designs keep on changing and even we don’t know what patterns and colors we may see, but what is assured is that they would be colorful Rajasthani block prints.
Simple _ Sleek

Simple & sleek

Simplicity is the first core principle behind our products. Through our products we honor simplicity in practice and simplicity of women who create these products.

Our Retailers

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